Thursday, August 17, 2006


John Mark Karr (JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect AKA PSYCHO!!!!!)

1. He said the death was an accident.

2. He waited until the girl's mother was on her DEATH BED to tell her that he had something to do with the girl's death.

3. When asked how she died he said: "It would take several hours to describe — to describe that...There's no way I could be brief about it. It's a very involved series of events."

4. When asked if he was innocent, he said "NO"

My take on this:

This dude's conscience is KILLING him and has been ever since he killed that girl. How he killed her. Well, you know I already think he's a pedophile....So that means he did what pedophiles do to kids then he did some crazy psycho shyt before he killed her. I feel the electricity from the electric chair already. Only thing that might save him is that he seems to be remorseful.

You gotta read the article though. If you have any sense whatsoever, you'll read between the lines and see that this dude is a FREAKING PSYCHO!!!

Granted, he's innocent until proven guilty but he's already stated that he's NOT innocent. So now it's just a matter of finding out the gorrific details and waiting for the made-for-TV movie that all the baby boomers will be taking off work to watch while we're sitting back shaking our heads at how this dude looks like Robert Patrick in Terminator II.


T.C. said...

You are absolutely right...he said he was IN LOVE with her...IN LOVE with a little yeah I can only imagine how she died...
I was going to actually blog about this myself today...but I just couldn't...its just too sad...saying that he wanted to kidnap her and ransome her for 118K...but something went wrong...WHAT?

But at least we now know...I don't know if his conscious was eating him, or if he just got caught and was like "yeah, I did it, and this is how..." not in a in your face way, but it is what it is type of way...because its been 10 years...I am just glad them folks didn't give up on the case...

T.C. said...

Now today they are saying that based on his confession there are it may be that he has confessed to something he hasn't done...his ex-wife is saying he was with the family on Christmas in AL...regardless I think he is OFF the its something

Anonymous said...

This just helps to further justify my psycho theory. NO matter which way you view it, this dude got some issues.

He had SOMETHING to do with this whole thing. What's funny is that I was reading another blog yesterday (Uncut Dope) and the author wondered why we've found this girl's alleged killer after all these years, but we don't even have suspects in Biggie or Pacs murders. Things that make you go HMMMMnnnnnnn

T.C. said...

See and I was going to say something similar on here yesterday but I took it not just Big and Pac but all the little black and brown boys and girls that have been killed over the years...what about them? I don't know man its so messed up you don't know which way is down