Friday, August 4, 2006

Ayo, I got some BROWN on my WHITE

Okay, this morning I woke up a little late due to Jazzy Summer Nights downtown in Bmore last night and also hanging out at GoodLove Bar. So I get up, decide what to wear while in the shower (this is becoming QUITE normal for me), and get dressed. On my way to work, I stopped at Starbucks for my Grande Caramel Machiato (does this make me Teh gay?). So I get to my job and I finally find a decent parking space, and when I get out of the car, what happens?

I hit my foot on the curb, scuff my shoe, AND spill two splashes of coffee on my all-white, linen-esque (ya'll like that one), DKNY metrosexual (urban buzz word, people seem to like those. i.e. - hipster, corner boy, etc.) jump-off. To state it plainly, MY SHIRT!

So I gotta dedicate the rest of this post to the Dipset movie in which CamRon got some "'red' on his 'pink'."

"Yo, I got some BROWN on my WHITE! Imma call B, see why he blow the whistle so much. He blow the whistle so much, that's prolly why I got this f*cking brown on my white!"


Jessica said...

What up Mike! Let me find out you came over to "our" neck of the woods for the infamous "Jazzy Summer Nights" I'm sorry I missed it...but it was just too, too, hott! Holla! Jess

Anonymous said...

What's up! Hot is right! I was hot as 3 hells out there. I will not be going next month if it's that hot again. By the way, I live in Bmore...Well, Parkville anyway.