Wednesday, August 9, 2006

D@mn Deion! It's like THAT

This is why these high-ranking/rich church bamas tend blow the hell out of me:
Former Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders urged a woman not to report allegations that Arlington pastor Terry Hornbuckle raped her daughter, the mother testified in court Tuesday. Loretta Sheppard, 46, told the jury in Mr. Hornbuckle's rape and drug trial that Mr. Sanders said he and pastor T.D. Jakes of The Potter's House in Dallas were working with Mr. Hornbuckle on his problems. "Hold off on doing anything," Mrs. Sheppard said, quoting the retired cornerback. She said he also told her that Mr. Hornbuckle, founder of Agape Christian Fellowship, was suicidal and "very sorry for what he did."

Terry Hornf&cklebuckle:

"Red black and white Chevy, now I'm riding Deion/
Put that light up in my rims, now I'm riding Neon/
[I just worship the Lord, I don't know how to be a MAN though]/"

ANYTHING in the name of JESUS huh guys? You give good churchfolk a bad rep/name! What's more important? The reputation of high-ranking (and might I add highly paid) church official or a woman being able to speak out. We all know how powerful pastors or other men of the church can be. "Lets just handle this in house" is the motto I guess.

What trips me out is that if this was the daughter of one of those officials in the church, shyt would have hit the fan quick. Perhaps even on some black church mafia type ish (I'm a conspiracy theorist at heart I guess).

But Deion's been a suspect fugazi for a minute now anyway, so is this even a surprise at all? "Hell to the naw BOBBY!"

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T.C. said...

This is truly that young lady will have to go through her life with this...and have ALL kinds of trust issues in general, but for it to happen from a "man of" GOD...that's a lot!

I mean really..I totally agree with what you are saying...had it been one of THEIR daughers...ALL hell would have broke lose period! But it seems like a LOT of these churches are having issues...
I am SO happy that this woman had enough courage to press charges and move many people don't do that because the worship the MAN of the church and NOT the GOD that the church is supposed to be surving!