Monday, August 21, 2006

Racial Displacement, Gentrification...It's all the same!

Here's an interesting (and short) blogpost on this very topic HERE (The 25 Year Plan)

So this is not just a problem in DC, in Baltimore, in New York....But in urban America. My honest opinion/assessment...
"Capitalism doesn't care about POOR people!"

Gentrification: The restoration and upgrading of deteriorated urban property by middle-class or affluent people, often resulting in displacement of lower-income people (Source:

As you can see, the definition of gentrification encompasses "displacement" along income lines. Many of us see it from a perspective of race. Whether you look at it from the perspective of income or race, the outcome is still the same. That is, communities in urban America are being bought by large corporations and the people who live there are left with...I dunno actually, what are they left with?

So whether you're poor or you're a minority, or both, keep this in mind...Build up your communities. Build wealth WITHIN your communities. This gives you economic and political power! Imma keep it real with you guys though, I am still learning about just how deep this issue is and just how much it will impact our communities.

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Man, I think we agree completely on this issue. Did you check out my Blog called "color struck". Interested in your opinion on that one.