Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I ain't got nothing to talk about

Jay-Z Might be stepping down from his post at Def Jam? Cool...More of this:

Word around the InterWeb is...Ne-Yo's gay. If it's true...big shock [yeah right]!

I got an email today saying someone somewhere contracted HIV by sitting in a movie theatre seat and getting a being stuck by a needle in the buttocks that was placed in the seat maliciously. Emails like this make me say "Thanks for circulating this shyt so crazy folks have new ideas to try out." This email, the email about the needles in the gas pump, and numerous other chain email forwards that really just scare the shyt out of people for no good/valid reason other than the fear of contracting HIV really are silly to me.

Number one, none of these things are every backed up by an official news report that can be found on a new publication's website. Number two, I think it can just plant bad seeds in the minds of some of these "bad people" out here. While it's good to inform people, peep the source of some of this information before you guys send it out and have people scared to pump their gas or go to the movies.

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